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Mutts Match offers individual dog walks for dogs in the same household. After our walk, you get a text and update on how your pet was while we were together to keep you updated.

We do NOT offer group walks or dog park visits, as we believe that your dog should receive individual attention on their walk and the chance to stop, sniff and explore at their leisure. We offer walks SEVEN DAYS A WEEK! Monday through Friday from 10 am to 3 pm. Weekends and evenings on agreed times.

15 minutes - $20.00
30 minutes - $30.00

45 minutes - $45.00 
60 minutes - $60.00  
($5 for each additional dog in the same home under 40 lbs, $10 over 40 lbs).


We support fostering! Because of that, we will walk your foster pup, with your paid pup, FOR FREE! It is a great opportunity for your foster dog to learn to walk with another dog and another human. We are happy to help you with small training issues as well.

If you adopt your foster, ( I am also admittedly a foster failure ... we will gift you 30 days of FREE walks for your foster dog, after adoption.

Holiday +$10/day


Private dog training -$50/ 30 minutes

                                      $100/ 60 minutes

*Need a shorter or longer walk? Lets work together to find the right fit for your dog.

Dog walking
Pet sitting


Enjoy your time away, with the peace of mind that your pets are being loved as if you were there. We offer multiple daily visits as well as overnight sleep overs and babysitting. We send daily pictures and updates as to how your pet is doing while you are gone. 

How we can help:

30 minute visits -$30

We stop by  to give your pup a walk (up to 30 min, unless otherwise agreed upon), feed and medicate.  All other types of pets get fed and medicated as needed. Lots of cuddles and play time, as the pet chooses.  


$25/hour Babysitting your pup.

Do you need to get away just for the day or evening? Attend a wedding, music festival, sports event, go to a comedy show, Pride, Bumbershoot, etc. 


We will come in and babysit your pup, (or any other pet) so you can get away without the worry of hurrying home.

Of course, we send you pics of your pet while you are away, even if its just for a few hours,

$150/24 hours-Dogs-Overnight stay in your home.

Each additional pet is $10/day

Medications are no additional charge

We sleep in your home with your pet. This includes a morning walk and breakfast, a midday walk and snack or lunch and a walk before dinner. We then stay overnight in your home and tuck your pet into bed for the night.

**We do leave the house for a few hours a day for daily dog walks.*

$125/24 hours-Cats- Overnight stay in your home.

Medications are no additional charge

The same as dog sitting without the walks. 

**$10/day fee on Holidays

Christmas, Christmas Eve, Easter, Thanksgiving, Fourth of July, Memorial Day, Labor Day, New Years Eve and New Years Day


$20/ 15 minute visit

$30/ 30 minute visit

Do you have a "special needs" pet? Mutts Match offers
medication administration, injections, Sub-Q Fluids, post surgical care, etc.

These services are AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE while we are pet sitting your pet. We understand the extra care that goes into helping your best friend feel better, and we have the extensive medical experience to help.

With a background in emergency veterinary medicine, we are comfortable with whatever medical needs your pet may have.

Special needs medical care

The Mutts Match Story

Kelly Bailey-Becker, the founder and owner of Mutts Match, has been working with animals for over 30 years. Kelly worked as an Emergency Veterinary Nurse for several years, then moving into specialty veterinary medicine, (cardiology, internal medicine, surgery, etc.). From there, she fell into animal rescue, working her way to the top as Director of Operations for a non profit animal rescue in Los Angeles.

After relocating to Seattle in early 2015, Kelly decided to incorporate those MANY years of experience into providing professional, loving care for other peoples animals, and started Mutts Match.

A firm believer in animal rights and rescue, Kelly continues to volunteer in rescue and has personally fostered hundreds of animals. We understand the struggles that some rescue animals go through adapting to a new home and can help with the transition.





Steve Becker joined Mutts Match in 2018 with over 30 years experience in training and rehabilitating dogs.

He grew up on a large breed dog rescue in Texas and has trained and rehomed over 15,000 dogs in his career. This gave Steve a unique insight into the canine mind and a special ability with dogs.

A true animal lover, Steve has raised cats, chickens, goats and pigs, among many other critters. He is currently the owner of three rescue Mastiffs.

The mission of Mutts Match is simple. We believe in caring for your pets the same way we care for our own. No two animals are alike and require different levels of attention and care. Regardless, they all deserve to be loved and respected. Our years of experience shine through, offering a loving and safe environment for your best friend.We thank you for allowing us into your homes and the lives of your furry family members. For that reason, we are licensed and insured.


Thank you!



We love getting feedback from my clients. We are proud to have gained the trust of our valued clients and their furry family members. They rely on us to care for their pets and shower them with the same amount of love and affection that they are used to, and for that, we am grateful. Please read below to see what’s been said about Mutts Match Seattle.

Mutts Match and Kelly are great. Our dog loves her, and we love the photos and reports (texts) we get when she's walking our baby. It gives us a great deal of confidence as well that she is a former Vet Tech. She's great at communicating anything she thinks we should know.

Many thanks Kelly!


We hired Kelly this weekend, and it was the first time we've ever hired a cat-sitter. We have 3 cats, each of which has her own "personality" (high maintenance, in other words). There comes a time in one's adulthood where you just have to stop asking friends for rides to the airport and help moving. We decided it was also time to stop troubling our friends with our crazy cats, so...enter Kelly.

It's a rare and delightful pleasure to see someone do something as competently and confidently as Kelly does. Right away I knew she just completely had it covered, starting with meeting the cats during which she instantly understood each cat's 'style' and - miraculously - they warmed to her right away. We walked her through the house, med requirements, feeding schedule, etc., and she seemed to be one step ahead of us the whole time. It really was impressive; Kelly is not someone just doing this for want of other work - she really is highly skilled and you can really see the love that she brings to her work.

So, we spent the 3-day weekend out of town, utterly secure in our knowledge that everything was taken care of - a security heightened by the adorable photos she emailed us each day!

We'll be using Kelly whenever possible in the future - until she inevitably becomes too busy due to demand :-)
-Zach and Marty

Osita, Bubbles and Moxie

Was referred to Kelly by a friend, and I'll definitely be referring her to everyone! As mentioned below, she is a former Vet Tech which puts my mind at ease when she was taking care of our new pup. She sent us consistent updates with pictures letting us know how it was going and if there was anything wrong with our dog. She was terrific and our dog loved her too! Would definitely use Kelly again in the future!

We used Kelly for dog sitting our 4 month old puppy this weekend and it was perfect! She communicated with us through text multiple times a day and sent us pictures of our puppy. At no time was I worried about his comfort or safety. I would highly recommend Kelly for any dog sitting needs!


Kelly was quick to respond and showed up on short notice. She took great care of my cat, and kept me updated with pictures. I would recommend her to anyone.


She's the only one i trust with my pooch. I wish i could give them 10 stars! Kelly from day one is super amazing. Extremely professional from the start but after that becomes a member of your family. She not only does great at walking and taking care of Digby (my pooch) she always send s a message to see if theres anything else she can help with. There has been times she'll notice his coat looks different or has a scratch and communicates right away. Aagain i wouldnt trust onyone else with my pooch! Thanks Kelly!


Kelly is truly wonderful! I recently moved to Seattle and as Thanksgiving inched closer, my worries about finding the right caretaker for my dog grew exponentially. He's an extremely social guy who loves people and dogs alike and I wanted to make sure that for the 5 days I was traveling, he had someone exercising him, playing with him and loving him! Kelly not only walked him several times a day, but she also brought him home with her each night. He had so much fun and Kelly's daily photo updates actually made me think he might not want to go home with me! I cannot recommend Mutts Match enough; if you're looking for someone who will treat your dog as her own, Kelly is the one.


Kelly is a true professional. I am extremely attached to my two little dogs and when I go on business travel or vacation I know they are in good hands with Kelly! She sends me updates and photos with each visit. My one little Chihuahua is a tough one to crack and Kelly was able to break through quickly and now does a little wiggly dance when Kelly visits them. It warms my heart that I have found someone to trust with my babies and I appreciate not having a revolving door of sitters entering my home. She has an excellent background in emergency veterinary care and animal rescue which gives her a unique advantage in recognizing any potential problems with your pet while you are away. She visits my pets at the same times each day so they get used to the routine. Her terms/means for accepting payment are flexible and I appreciate that.

Thank you Kelly for your reliable and dependable service!!

Lola and Souki

I called Kelly to cat sit as a last minute request. She was more than happy to take car of my two cats (one is only 10 weeks old) while I was at work. She was a great communicator through the entire process, sent me pictures during the play sessions with the kitties, and even stayed a little longer to make sure they were happy and well cared for. You can tell she genuinely loves her job. I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs in home care for their furry friends!

Arya and Rory

Kelly and Mutts Match are fantastic! I have used Mutts Match for a little over a year now and recommend these services to anyone. I had tried a few other daycare services for my dog, but eventually decided that a mid-day dog walker was a better fit for us due to my dog's somewhat complicated medical history. Mutts Match exceeded my expectations with always reliable service and timely communication everyday, but beyond that, it is clear that Kelly treats other people's pets as she would treat her own. Each day I received text messages with pictures confirming that my dog had been walked, and she would even share some cuddles and treats with my cat just because. When I recently accepted a job in Virginia and moved away, I felt incredibly sad to leave Kelly and the lovely caring relationship she had built with my pets.

Greta and Pell


Fremont and Surrounding Areas Seattle WA United States 98103


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We are open 365 days a year!

Dog walks: 10 am to 3 pm
Pet sitting visits: 7am to 9 pm
We operate 7 days a week.

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